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Vintage Training

The CHRISTUS St. Michael Vintage Training Center is located inside the CHRISTUS St. Michael Health & Fitness Center and offers a fun and effective circuit-style training program like no other.

It’s fitness and training that has been around for more than 150 years, yet it seems so new that even our members have a hard time explaining what they do to their friends. The class involves kettle-bells, ropes, rocks and fitness at its most fun level. Vintage Training has been aired on several major news stations and has become the talk of several professional and college sports teams.  Yes, this new, some consider "old” workout program, benefits the elite athlete but it can benefit you as well.  It can change your life!

Who can join?

Vintage Training is available to anyone and caters to all genders, all generations; all body types and all fitness levels. If you are interested in a more affordable personal training program to support weight loss or want to increase your fitness level and athletic performance - Vintage Training is available for you! 


Let us introduce you to an ancient art now taking over the fitness world.
Still unsure about what Vintage Training is?  Check out the YouTube video below!