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Member Stories

Member testimonials

 Stanley “Lee” Woods 

 The facility is well maintained and stays equipped with reliable and efficient equipment for all levels of training.  As a Senior Athlete, I contribute a large percentage of my success to you, your Staff and the facility. This past weekend, aside from last year’s National’s, was an example of not only my athletic prowess but is also reflection of where I train and condition. Simply said, I share my Texas State Senior Olympic Silver medal in the Triathlon and Silver and 2 Bronze medals in Swimming with St. Michael’s Fitness Center….


Louise Thornell

"One of my favorite past times is group exercise. This year’s summer challenge was excellent. It was no effort to come on a Saturday morning to exercise with a great group of people and to enjoy the wonderful motivating instructors: Shary, Barby, Katrina (I will miss her), and Marlene. Each Saturday we did something different, something exciting and energetic - I don't even know what my favorite was - they were all great. We enjoyed personalized coaching with our needs and questions, we weighed in weekly, we shared recipes, we learned about food and exercise. We were encourage to keep a written dairy of our food and exercise, we walked to meet our daily goal of 10,000 steps. I have worn my pedometer faithfully for 9 weeks and will continue to do so. The life awareness activities offered weekly proved to be of great assistance in developing awareness and for setting the path for sustaining change. I have a new set of friends and am working towards enjoying many a healthy tomorrows.

Thank you for allowing this program to be offered, Thank you for having a great group of people, thank you for the leadership and guidance that you give and role model with your associates. Most of all, please thank your instructors for coming in on Saturday mornings not just to deliver the sessions but to come in and have such great setups, for being so prepared, and for being so motivating. Please feel free to share this feedback with your group. It was great, and I am looking forward to the next challenge."

Morgan Warner

"I have been apart of many gyms and have never been satisfied with my workout experience until I joined Christus St. Michael Fitness Center almost a year ago. It is such a family oriented gym and I love that. Every aspect of the fitness center is great; from the workout equipment to the service and support you receive from the people that work there. I participate in several of the fitness classes and the instructors are great at what they do and also make you feel like family. Also, if it was not for the child care service I would not be able to workout as much as I do. I will never switch to another gym ever again because now I know what it's like to have a gym family."

Natasha Beethoven

"I weighed 305 lbs when I started dieting, my knees hurt and I was headed for diabetes. Then I joined St. Michael Fitness Center.  My workouts supercharged all my dieting efforts and now after much determination, hard work and lots of sweat I'm now 155 pounds lighter, without pain and healthy again.  Just having a positive place to go, spending time with people who are going through the same struggles and encouraging each other has helped considerably."
"I feel very thankful and blessed to have had St. Michael Fitness Center and the supportive staff who have uided me through my weight loss journey.  I love the wholesomeness of the gym and the many friends I have made.  I would recommend the Fitness Center to anyone of any age and any fitness level." -June 3, 2013

Bethani Floyd

"I was new in town with two small children during the summer of 2012.  My first experience with St. Michael Fitness Center was the family pool.  I was really impressed with the attentiveness of the lifeguards and that they took time to get to know the children's names as well as the parents.  Once the school year began I was determined to get into a fitness routine.  I had been out of the gym a long time and had my reservations, the normal responses to starting a new regimen.  What I found as I slowly joined some of the various classes is that there is a very familial quality with the members.  I admit, I wanted to show up do my work-out and leave, but as time went on, I looked forward to being amongst the members each day.  It is definitely a community.  A safe and fun place to work-out.  The staff is stellar in their commitment to the members.  They smile, greet you by name, and never seem too busy to help.  My children enjoy going with me and my husband.  They have mentioned that they can't wait to work out someday!  I recommend St. Michael Fitness Center to many people.  I want others to have the same experience I have had because it has made a very positive impact in our lives.  We have been blessed being apart of the St. Michael Health & Fitness Center!"